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Comparative Serum Proteomics Project

Initially the Comparative Mammalian Proteome Aggregator Resource (CoMPARe) Program will generate proteomic data from sera from 25 different species that

Data Tools for Environmental Metrology

A major goal of the NIST Biorepository is to address large scale interdisciplinary questions about the environment. Each sample contained in the bank can be

Environmental Metabolomics

The metabolomics program at NIST is a collaboration between multiple institutions located at the Hollings Marine Laboratory (HML) in Charleston, SC. This

Macromolecular Architectures

There is always a degree of uncertainty surrounding measurements of polymeric materials, especially complex mixtures with varying distributions in chemistry

The NIST Biorepository

NIST has been involved in archiving biological and environmental specimens for over 40 years through multiple projects of the former National Biomonitoring

NIST Ocean Carbon Measurements

The ocean is a driver for global climate which absorbs approximately 25 % of CO 2 emissions. This excess of CO 2 flowing into the ocean leads to changes in the

NIST U.S. Pacific Islands Program

The NIST U.S. Pacific Islands Program initiated FY 2010 is using the measurement and specimen banking expertise and capabilities of NIST personnel and

Ocean Color

Ocean color radiometry provides essential information about phytoplankton concentration and dissolved organic matter, and hence about primary productivity

Plastic Pollution Measurement Science

Plastics have undoubtedly brought numerous benefits to society, but the issue of plastic pollution has emerged as a significant global environmental challenge