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Biological and Environmental Monitoring and Archival of Sea Turtle Tissues (BEMAST)


BEMAST is a long-term biobanking project of the NIST Biorepository.  Biological samples from sea turtles are collected, cryogenically (≤ -150 °C) stored, and analyzed using detailed protocols for real-time and retrospective contaminant and health-related research studies. The archive contains blood samples collected from turtles along the U.S. East Coast (1998-2014), and a variety of tissues collected from turtles from the Pacific Ocean (2011-present).


Close up picture of green sea turtle swimming over rocky reef

Samples collected from marine organisms are used to assess real-time and retrospective monitoring of chemical contaminants.  Shown:  Green sea turtle in Hawaii.

Credit: Katherine Shaw (NIST)

BEMAST Objectives:

  1. To provide national, long-term plastic pollution monitoring of the occurrence, quantities, and potential effects of plastic ingestion by sea turtles in the Pacific Ocean.
  2. To receive and archive tissue samples from sea turtles caught as bycatch in longline fisheries or stranded in the Hawaiian Islands. Samples currently being collected include scute, fat, bile, liver, and gastrointestinal tracts. In addition, the biorepository continues to cryogenically archive blood, eggs, muscle, skin, and blubber samples from past collections. Sample collection and archival protocols remain unchanged since inception of the project.
  3. To analyze archived tissue samples for contaminants and health-related research.
  4. To make the collection accessible to other scientists through a tissue access policy for research projects consistent with the goals of BEMAST.

Ongoing Sample Analysis:

  • Long-term plastic ingestion monitoring
  • Plastic additive exposure
  • Radioactive isotope exposure
Pieces of plastic pulled from a sea turtle gastrointestinal tract arranged on a white background.
Ingested plastics removed from the gastrointestinal tract from a single sea turtle
Credit: NIST

Associated Publications


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Created February 19, 2015, Updated January 5, 2024