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Differential Privacy Blog Series

differential privacy blog series banner

We have developed this blog series leveraging the differential privacy contributions in the de-identification tools section. This series is designed to help business process owners and privacy program personnel understand basic concepts about differential privacy and applicable use cases and to help privacy engineers and IT professionals implement the tools. Our longer term goal is to transform this series into more in-depth guidelines on differential privacy. We encourage readers to ask questions and share knowledge using the contribute section to better inform the development of these guidelines. We also can be contacted at


Differential Privacy for Privacy-preserving Data Analysis: An Introduction to our Blog Series | July 27, 2020 | by Joseph Near, David Darais, and Katie Boeckl

See Post #1

Threat Models for Differential Privacy | September 15, 2020 | by Joseph Near and David Darais

See Post #2

Stay tuned: more blog posts coming soon!

Created July 15, 2020, Updated September 15, 2020