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Engineering Laboratory HQ Staff

Engineering Laboratory Office (730)
Dr. Joannie W. Chin Acting Director 301-975-5900
Al Wavering Acting Deputy Director 301-975-5900
elizabeth.loveless [at] (Elizabeth Loveless) Executive Assistant 301-975-3401


Engineering Laboratory Office – HQ (730.00)
millie.glick [at] (Millie Glick) Senior Management Advisor 301-975-5962
kirk.dohne [at] (Kirk Dohne) Associate Director 301-975-8480
Melissa Logan Senior Management Advisor 301-975-8160
Kristy Thompson Technical Information Specialist 301-975-3544
Christina Kellerman Technical Information Specialist 301-975-6850
christie.keyser [at] (Christie Rice) Administrative Officer 301-975-8160
Laslo Varadi Safety Engineer 301-975-5946
steven.dmuchowski [at] (Steven Dmuchowski) Agreements Specialist 301-975-6750
Stanley T. Morehouse Property Disposal Specialist 301-975-6468
John Furgerson Acquisition Specialist 301-975-8875



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  • Engineering Laboratory
    (301) 975-5900
    100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8600
    Gaithersburg, MD 20899
Created September 24, 2010, Updated June 22, 2021