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CONTAM Video Tutorials

Introduction to CONTAM

This set of videos provides an introduction to the use of CONTAM to develop a building model and perform simulations. This zip file contains files related to the following six video tutorials (

  1. Introduction to CONTAM Part 1 - Defining Building Levels and Zones (Video)
  2. Introduction to CONTAM Part 2 - Defining Airflow Paths (Video)
  3. Introduction to CONTAM Part 3 - Verifying Building Model Inputs: Wind, Geometry and Envelope Leakage (Video)
  4. Introduction to CONTAM Part 4 - Defining Mechanical Ventilation using Simple Air-Handling Systems (Video)
  5. Introduction to CONTAM Part 5 - Transient Simulations, Schedules, and Weather Files (Video)
  6. Introduction to CONTAM Part 6 - Simulating Contaminants and Occupant Exposure (Video)

Supporting Videos

  1. Building Airflow Physics (Video)
  2. Indoor Air Quality Simulation Software and Application to Aerosol Transport
    This is an IBPSA-USA Education Committee Webinar presented September 17, 2020 by W. Stuart Dols and Lisa Ng of NIST.
    This YouTube video contains an overview of NIST-developed IAQ modeling software and the application of the web-based tool FaTIMA to analyzing aerosol transport within educational spaces. (YouTube video)



Created January 14, 2021, Updated February 8, 2024