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SAA Volunteer Opportunities

The SAA exists only through the work of members who volunteer their assistance in varying degrees as they are able. Help to ensure a viable SAA by becoming a member of a committee. New volunteers not only bring new ideas to the SAA's activities, but their efforts reduce the burden on others and give the association much-needed depth.

To explore opportunities for volunteering with SAA, contact the president (Harry Hertz, hertzhs [at] (hertzhs[at]gmail[dot]com)) or any of the officers.

  • Assist with the operation of the SAA office;
  • Help with the newsletter by:
    • Reporting and preparing obituaries of deceased ex-NBS/NIST employees;
    • Collecting and formatting staff honors and awards information;
    • Reporting on quarterly meetings;
    • Gathering and editing NIST news items, especially on IT and TIP activities; or
    • Proofreading issues before they go to press.
  • Provide sorely needed IT support for various activities and committees;
  • Help organize quarterly meetings, ceremonies, etc.;
  • Add to the collection of historical information about NBS and NIST;
  • Assist the NIST Museum in its efforts to preserve and portray the culture that makes the agency such a great place; or
  • Participate otherwise in SAA committees, such as the Portrait Gallery, Membership, Oral History, and Program Committees to enrich the contributions of the SAA to its membership and to NIST.
Created September 7, 2011, Updated June 6, 2022