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NIST Gallery of Distinguished Alumni 2022 Honorees

Susan M. Ballou    

Director's Office, 2000-2020
For exemplary leadership advancing research and applied solutions for forensic science within NIST, other government agencies, academia, the legal community, and standards development organizations

James A. Beall

Physical Measurement Laboratory, 1982-2021
For creating microfabrication capabilities that enabled a wide range of groundbreaking research, and for developing best-in-the-world superconducting devices including sensors for astrophysics and materials analysis

Hai S. Lew

Engineering Laboratory, 1968-2020
For a lifetime of outstanding organizational and technical leadership in driving national standards resulting in improved design and construction practices for resilient, safe, and cost-effective structures

Geoffrey B. McFadden

Information Technology Laboratory, 1982-2021
For groundbreaking contributions to the theory of phase transitions, hydrodynamic and morphological stability, and thermosolutal transport in materials, resulting in powerful predictive tools for materials science

Thomas R. O'Brian

Physical Measurement Laboratory, 1991-2019
For his broad range of technical and programmatic leadership, spanning all NIST programs and operating units, that resulted in exceptional global metrology impacts

Gail J. Porter

Director's Office, 1978-1981, 1991-2020
For vigorously safeguarding, enhancing, and promoting NIST’s technical excellence, accomplishments, and integrity to a wide variety of stakeholders by creatively and energetically using cutting-edge and conventional communication tools and techniques

Denise D. Prather 

Physical Measurement Laboratory, 1970-2021
For outstanding support of NIST personnel and stakeholders of NIST’s calibration services, resulting in increased efficiency and quality control throughout the public and private sectors of the U.S. economy

John Unguris 

Physical Measurement Laboratory, 1980-2018
For pioneering the development of Scanning Electron Microscopy with Polarization Analysis (SEMPA) and its use for direct, high spatial resolution, quantitative imaging of magnetic nanostructures for both science and industry 

Created November 18, 2011, Updated December 16, 2022