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NIST Gallery of Distinguished Alumni 2023 Honorees

Charles W. Clark

Physical Measurement Laboratory, 1981-1983, 1984-2022
For providing the theoretical basis for understanding many of the most important aspects of modern atomic, molecular, and optical physics, especially ultracold atoms, Bose-Einstein condensates, and quantum technology

Piotr A. Domanski

Engineering Laboratory, 1983-2022
For 40 years of high-impact innovative research that enabled significant improvements in energy efficiency of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, and technical leadership that facilitated the critical transition to environmentally safe refrigerants

Edward Embree

Engineering Laboratory, 1970-2005
For creative design and implementation of novel hardware and electromechanical systems that facilitated world-class materials research, including accelerated weathering of organic coatings, roofing membranes, and electrical wiring

B. James Filla

Office of Information Systems Management, 1982-2021
For pioneering the use of laboratory automation software at NIST to profoundly improve the efficiency and precision of measurement systems throughout the organization

James J. Filliben

Information Technology Laboratory, 1969-2022
For outstanding technical leadership in the app
lication of statistical experiment design, analysis, and computing in numerous high-profile collaborative efforts spanning more than 50 years

William A. MacCrehan

Material Measurement Laboratory, 1977-2022
For the research, development, and application of innovative analytical measurement approaches addressing a wide range of important national challenges, including those in the environmental, clinical/medical, oceanographic, water processing, forensic and homeland security domains

Michael L. Martin

Office of Human Resource Management/ODA       1995-2018
For exceptional service to NIST in creating and implementing a highly successful leadership development program for new and future NIST leaders and spearheading a NIST-wide mentoring/coaching program

Rice, Kirk D.

Material Measurement Laboratory, 1998-2019
For outstanding research and leadership resulting in new, improved test methods and standards for life-saving equipment, including body armor and helmets worn by law enforcement, corrections, and military personnel

Lorna T. Sniegoski

Material Measurement Laboratory,1954-1965, 1974-2004
For definitive analytical methods and reference materials that dramatically improve the accuracy and precision of diagnostic instrumentation and clinical measurements for assessing the state of human health


Created November 18, 2011, Updated October 11, 2023