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SAA Newsletter

The SAA Newsletter is the association's primary means for keeping the members in touch, both with one another and with NIST. Its sections include NIST News (items on NIST work and events, taken largely from NIST News Releases and websites); reports on staff and alumni honors and recognition; news of association activities; articles on NBS/NIST history and culture; and obituaries of former NBS/NIST staff, both SAA members and others.

The SAA Newsletter is distributed to SAA Members electronically by email. In an effort to improve its exposure to NIST staff members, the SAA has decided to publish Page 1 and the Table of Contents of a few recent issues. These can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

To receive the complete SAA Newsletter, sign up and become an SAA member.

Created September 16, 2010, Updated October 15, 2022