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SAA Current Officers and Volunteers

Elected Officers


Bettijoice Lide, bjlide [at] (bjlide[at]gmail[dot]com)

Past President

Harry Hertz

Vice Presidents

William Kirchhoff
Carroll Thomas


Jacqueline Calhoun
Belinda Collins
John Lowe

Robert Shull

Staff and Volunteers


Kendra Cole

Boulder Labs Liaison

John Lowe

CRADA/NIST Associate

Jeffrey Horlick


Bettijoyce Lide, Chair
Norman Belecki

Bob Shull


Bert Coursey


Norman Belecki, Chair
William Billotte
Jeffrey Horlick
Paul Majewski


Jeff Horlick, Chair
John A. Tesk
Karma Beal


Roger Martin, Managing Editor



Don Becker, Photo Editor
Marvin Cage, Technical News
Daniel Pierce, Technical News
Belinda Collins, Standards & Technology
OPEN, Information Technology
Janet B. Miller, Admin. & Mgmt., Extramural Programs
John Lowe, Boulder Babble
Andrew Klein, Manufacturing



Sara Torrence
Dale Bentz



Allan Eustis, Editor
Mikala Shrenshock

NIST Liaison

Jason Boehm


Noël J. Raufaste

Office Operations

Karma Beal
Paul Majewski
Janet B. Miller

Oral History

Bert Coursey, Chair
William Kirchhoff
David R. Lide
Michael Newman

Portrait Gallery

Harry Hertz, Co-Chair
Bettijoice Lide, Co-chair

Barbara Uglik 


Digital Gallery

Jeffrey Horlick



Harry Hertz, Chair
Bettijoyce Lide
Barbara Uglik 


Honoree Liaison & Brochure

Noël J. Raufaste
Jeffrey Horlick


Ceremony & Advertising

Jeffrey Horlick
Joan Schneider
Norman Belecki
Richard Lindstrom

Program Committee

Carroll Thomas, Chair 
Brian Belanger

Herbert Bennett
Belinda Collins
Michael Newman

Recording Secretary

Janet B. Miller

Social Committee

Karma Beal


James A. Hormuth

Created September 16, 2010, Updated May 4, 2023