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Portrait Gallery 2019 Honorees

Muhammad Arif 

PML (1988-2018)
For the creation and success of the neutron interferometry and neutron imaging programs at NIST.

Dale P. Bentz 

EL (1980-1987, 1988-2018)
For exceptional service and contributions via laboratory experiments and computer modeling leading to groundbreaking advances in the concrete materials industry.

Richard F. Kayser Jr. 

OD (1976-2018)
For outstanding organizational and scientific leadership at NIST and for establishing the Institute’s Health, Safety, and Environmental program.

William R. Ott 

PML (1968-2011)
For exceptional leadership of NIST Laboratory programs and of the NIST Distinguished Speakers Colloquium Series, and for establishment of the NIST Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers and Scientist Emeritus programs.

Sharon A. Shaffer 

OD (1971-2006)
For decades of outstanding management of NIST-wide outreach efforts to industry and other stakeholders through publications, websites and exhibits in ways that enhanced NIST’s reputation for integrity and excellence.

Wing Tsang 

MML (1962-2013)
For outstanding technical contributions and leadership in experimental and theoretical chemical kinetics and for the preparation of evaluated chemical kinetics databases.

Robert L. Watters Jr.  

MML (1976-2016)
For lifetime contributions to measurement services at NIST. He championed the implementation of the Baldrige quality framework that impacted Standard Reference Materials, calibration services, and Standard Reference Data, and for his leadership on international standards committees that promoted SRMs globally.

Charles L. Wilson 

ITL (1979-2006)
For technical excellence in measurement science, pattern recognition, and device modeling; advancing semiconductor manufacturing; and pioneering biometrics (particularly fingerprint) technology benchmarks and standards, thereby strengthening our nation’s safety and security.

David J. Wineland 

PML (1975-2017)
For decades of scientific innovation and leadership in developing trapped ions into a leading platform for atomic clocks and quantum information processing, as recognized by the 2012 Nobel Prize in physics.

Created November 18, 2011, Updated October 7, 2019