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Server Status Schema

Server Status Schema (object name: serverStatus)

Details the schema of the database table containing server status information.  The "Field" element below is equivalent to the Index field in previous images.  

Table for the PSCR IoT Data Foundations Project - server status schema


Timestamp: Indicates the last time an element was changed and is used for cache control.  

Within the schema, certain indexes may require additional clarification. The following list gives additional information for these elements:

  • Bandwidth_Avail_World, Connected:  affect how often IoT data is sent and how often temporally stored IoT data is flushed back "upstream" in situations where connectivity is intermittent  

Additional Perspective

In a fixed location environment, the server status information can be stable for many hours on end. In the deployed scenario where connectivity is more sporadic, the server status may change every few minutes.  

Because the server information is not typically transmitted to the lower power, lower bandwidth IoT devices, and because the status information will have a lower rate of change than typical IoT data, the lack of short indexes is not a major concern.  

In the web environment, the system status values are populated into variables on page load. As the web page interacts with the server, values that change are provided automatically along with other information.

From a usage point of view, software on systems will have a data object that looks exactly like the above table. Any information that comes over the communications link to that device updates whatever values are provided in the software systems data object.  

Created April 21, 2021