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Power System Schema

Power System Schema (object name: pwrStatus)

Describes the status of any source of power, such as a generator, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), or battery-UPS power system

Table for the PSCR IoT Data Foundations Project - system power system schema


This information is presented in a format different to the previous data objects. All values must be presented inside of the Power Status object, and there are no global indexes. It is anticipated that an IoT object like this would be presented at a lower data rate than many of the above objects, such as at a rate of once per minute.

Within the schema, certain indexes may require additional clarification. The following list gives additional information for these elements:

  • Fuel, FuelCapacity:  the units of fields have units appropriate to the type of power system.

Additional Perspective

For engine powered generators, there could additionally be Vehicle Information telemetry data with information about the engine itself. This would be information about the generator attached to the engine.

Created April 21, 2021