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SCBA Schema

SCBA Schema (object name: scba)

Describes the attributes related to fire service Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) units

SCBA schema table


Within the schema, certain indexes may require additional clarification. The following list gives additional information for these elements:

  • ScbaStart: the time at which air was drawn from the tank such that the pressure went down by 2%. This allows for pressure lost when the tank is turned on.
  • ScbaTempAmb: the ambient temperature in and around the SCBA.  It is a general indicator as to the environment the responder is in.
  • ScbaTempRad: the temperature being radiated down on the responder.
  • ScbaPass: a Boolean value of “True” when the tank's PASS alarm is on, “False” otherwise  
  • ScbaToAlarm: the number of estimated number of seconds until the responder’s low air alarm will sound. (This is an advanced value which could exist in systems where the SCBA had information on the tank pressure, the respiration rate, the air consumption history, and the amount of movement base on an accelerometer.)
  • ScbaToZero: an estimate as to how many seconds until there is no usable air left for the responder
  • ScbaStill: the amount of time (in seconds) that the responder has not moved
  • ScbaTempMask: the temperature inside of the responder’s face mask
  • ScbaResiprations: the respiration rate for the responder.  
  • ScbaLux: the brightness of the first responder’s environment 

Additional Perspective

When discussing a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), there are two types of measurements being taken:  

  • Measurements for the SCBA system itself
  • Measurements for the responder using the system

The SCBA object uses a combination of these measurement types to display the first responder’s direct conditions. The accelerometer values from the earlier Environmental Health schema (Short Forms:  pax, pay, paz, pam) can be used to judge the current level of physical exertion. Because they are global indexes, they can be easily accessed in this object.

Created April 7, 2021, Updated April 15, 2021