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Environmental Schema

Environmental Schema (object name: env)

Describes the environmental information of an area surrounding a responder. Includes weather-related information.

Common environmental schemas table - IoT Data Foundations Project


This schema utilizes the following naming conventions for the beginning character(s) of the Short Index name:

  • 'l'    fields related to a GPS location—uses Global elements from the GPS object  
  • 'e'    fields used for environment telemetry 
  • 'ew'    fields used for weather-related data

The two-character indexes apply to the responder’s immediate area and current values.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has many standard string values for weather conditions; they can be passed back to responders wanting weather information using the NWS data object.

Within the schema, certain indexes may require additional clarification. The following list gives additional information for these elements:

  • WeatherStationLat, WeatherStationLng: the location of the weather station. If there are multiple weather stations in an area, the responders (or the software) can select the one closest to their location. This is another example of the universal indexes discussed in the GPS object; the Global GPS object elements can be used for latitude and longitude in place of a full GPS location object.  
  • WeatherStationName: can be either the National Weather Service abbreviation or a local name. If a department has a weather station at their location that provides local conditions (often on a timelier basis than once an hour), a name that makes sense to the user of the data could be used. Example: "EVFD Sta 1" for Efland Volunteer Fire Department, Station 1.
Created March 26, 2021, Updated April 15, 2021