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Vehicle Information Schema

Vehicle Information Schema (object name: veh)

Describes the attributes of a general responder apparatus

Vehicle information schema table for IoT Data Foundations


This schema utilizes the following naming convention for the beginning character(s) of the Short Index name:

  • 'v'    fields related to a general emergency vehicle – no responder category specified  

The elements in the Vehicle Information schema can apply to almost any vehicle. It is anticipated that there will be additional specific schemas for fire apparatus, EMS apparatus, rescue apparatus, etc. Those schemas would have additional fields for category-specific information (e.g., water tank size, pump GPM (gallons per minute), SCBAs carried, oxygen carried, etc.).

Additional Perspective

Note than some of the information displayed in this object is static, such as fuel tank capacity (VehFuelCapacity). However, this static information when combined with the dynamic information of the current fuel level (VehFuel) and current consumption rate (VehFuelConsume) allows software systems to provide more advanced data, such as the amount of time remaining until the fuel tank is empty. This type of information is universal to all vehicles, and therefore it is included in this general vehicle object.

Created April 7, 2021, Updated April 15, 2021