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GPS Location Schema

GPS Location Schema (object name: gps)

Describes the GPS location information and its metadata

IoT schema for GPS


This schema utilizes the following naming convention for the beginning character(s) of the Short Index name:

  • 'l'    fields related to a GPS location 

This schema has more global indices than are typically found in a data object. The global indices allow other schemas (e.g., Hydrant / Water Source) to access the core location information for a static object as part of their definitions instead of using the full GPS data object.  

Additional Perspective
The parameters encompassed in the above object are the most commonly used attributes of GPS data. There are many other parameters associated with GPS systems that are not included here. If those parameters are passed in a system, it would be best to have a new object, such as "gpsParams" to encompass those values.

For the Heading value, software systems should be tolerant of the value 360 (referring to 360 degrees) and treat it as zero.


Created April 7, 2021, Updated April 15, 2021