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Innovative Technologies - Think Collaboration

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Check out NIST Innovative Technology Showcase 1 here and Showcase 2 here.

Below are just a few of the technologies NIST has available for collaboration. To view NIST's entire list of available technologies, visit the Patent and Published Patent Application Database.

Contact licensing [at] (licensing[at]nist[dot]gov) to learn more about these technologies.

Calibration Apparatus and Calibrating Cross-Frequency Phases of Large-Signal Network Analyzer Measurements
Low-loss Metasurface Optics for Deep UV
Mueller Matrix Ellipsometer
Multidimensional Printer
Quasi-systolic Processor and Quasi-systolic Array
Methods and Apparatus for Transplantation of Nucleic Acid Molecules
Position Verification Sensor with Discrete Output 
Independently Managing Wireless Transmission by Individual Spectrum Access Systems in a Shared Radio Frequency Spectrum 
Direct Digital Chirp Synthesizer and Generating a Chirped Optical Frequency Comb  
System and Method for Parameter Multiplexed Gradient Descent  
Spatio-Temporal Profilometer and Performing Time-Resolved Spatial Profilometry for Producing a Uniform Light Profile 
Prelithiated Lithium Ion Battery And Making A Prelithiated Lithium Ion Battery 
Spherical Ion Trap and Trapping Ions 
Non-Cryogenic Hydrogen Storage at Low-Pressure
Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometer and Method for Using Same
Non-Resonant Electron Spin Resonant Probe and Associated Hardware
Superconducting Waveform Synthesizer
AC and DC bipolar voltage source using quantized pulses
Josephson junction digital to analog converter for accurate AC waveform synthesis
Josephson Voltage Standard
Heisenberg Scaler
Charge detector and process for sensing a charged analyte
Process for void-free metallic diffraction gratings for enhanced x-ray interferometry imaging
Bottom-up gold electrodeposition for high aspect ratio features in imaging applications
Void-free metallic diffraction gratings for enhanced x-ray interferometry imaging
Gateless P-N Junction Metrolog
A method and system for centralized ABAC policy administration and local policy decision and enforcement using access control lists
A Methodology for Detecting Face Morphing Using One-To-Many Face Recognition Algorithms
A Wireless Wearable System to Monitor Levels of Fluids in the Lungs
Smart Mirror
Serial Cytometry
Optical Flow Meter for Determining a Flow Rate of a Liquid
Photonic Dosimetry
Photonic Calorimeter
Compact Atomic Magnetometer and Gyroscope Based on a Diverging Laser Beam
Integrated Microchip Incorporating Atomic Magnetometer and Microfluidic Channel for NMR and MRI
Optical Meter and Use of Same
Detection of J-Coupling using Atomic Magnetometer
Radiometer and method for use of same
Atomic Magnetometer and Method of Sensing Magnetic Fields
Optofluidic Flow Meter



Created August 15, 2022, Updated July 5, 2024