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Stone description: argillaceous

Wall Number Sort descending Country State Classification Source
10Lb19 United States Pennsylvania Sandstone Stoop's Ferry
10LB6 United States Missouri Limestone Clinton
10LB7 United States Missouri Limestone Clinton
11La14 United States Iowa Limestone Charles City
12RA13 United States Ohio Dolomite Lima
12RA23 United States Tennessee Limestone Nashville
12rb12 United States Ohio Dolomite Bath Twp. Allen Co.
14LA44 Portugal Limestone Serra de Boa Viagem, Coimbra
14LA46 Portugal Limestone Janianes, Coimbra
6RA2 United States Pennsylvania Sandstone Columbia
7La2 Portugal Limestone Porto Barrao, Coimbra
8La41 United States Mississippi Sandstone Rankin Co.
8RA3 Portugal Limestone Janianes, Coimbra
9LA28 United States New York Sandstone Warsaw
9RB37 United States Oregon Sandstone Oakland