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Nanoscale Reliability Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Jason Killgore Group Leader (Acting) jason.killgore [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Benjamin Caplins benjamin.caplins [at] Fed
Caleb Chandler Assoc
Ann Chiaramonti Debay chiaramonti [at] Fed
Yifu Ding Assoc
Colby Evans russell.evans [at] Fed
Kieran Fung kieran.fung [at] Assoc
Jacob Garcia jacob.garcia [at] Fed
Jessica Gerac jessica.gerac [at] Assoc
Chloe Henson chloe.henson [at] Assoc
Callie Higgins callie.higgins [at] Fed
Jason Holm jason.holm [at] Fed
Jason Killgore jason.killgore [at] Fed
Michael Kleih Ctr
Thomas Kolibaba thomas.kolibaba [at] Assoc
Elisabeth Mansfield elisabeth.mansfield [at] Fed
Samuel Marks samuel.marks [at] Assoc
Danny Perea Assoc
Pandora Picariello pandora.picariello [at] Assoc
Alan Sellinger Assoc
Gurpreet Singh Assoc
Ryan White ryan.white [at] Fed