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Thomas Kolibaba (Assoc)

Research Chemist

Tom Kolibaba works as a postdoctoral researcher on the Photopolymer Additive Manufacturing Project. He has a background in synthetic organic chemistry, with an emphasis on polymer synthesis. Tom's graduate work focused on the use of polyelectrolyte nanocomposites for use in: fire protection, heat shielding, gas barrier, antifouling, and insulation.


Tom's current research at NIST focuses on developing additive manufacturing methods compatible with polyelectrolyte complexes. He also continues to carry out fire protection research in collaboration with Professor Jaime Grunlan at Texas A&M. Additionally, Tom helps translate novel polymer chemistries into additive manufacturing modalities and is open to consult with any organization or research group to develop novel photopolymer additive manufacturing chemistries.


Radtech 2022 Sustainability Award

National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship (2021)

Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research (ACS POLY Division, 2021)

Texas A&M Chemistry Excellence Fellowship (2017)

Selected Publications


Created December 7, 2021, Updated February 15, 2023