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Ann Chiaramonti Debay

Materials Research Engineer

Research Interests: Interfaces in metal alloys and multilayer thin films, metal/oxide heterostructures, transition metal oxide surface science, complex laser-matter interactions, atom probe tomography, in-situ transmission electron microscopy.

Professional Affiliations: Microscopy Society of America (MSA), Microanalysis Society (MAS), International Field Emission Society (IFES), American Physical Society (APS), Materials Research Society (MRS), American Vacuum Society (AVS). 


  • Innovations in Measurement Science Award, NIST (2016)
  • National Academy of Engineering U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Fellowship (2015)
  • Distinguished Associate Award for Technical Achievement, NIST (2013)
  • NIST-ARRA Measurement Science and Engineering Fellowship, University of Colorado Boulder and NIST (2011-2012)
  • Outstanding Presentation Award, U.S. Department of Commerce Boulder Laboratories Annual Post-Doctoral Poster Symposium (2010 & 2011)
  • Top 10 Most Downloaded Articles of 2008, Transmission Electron Microscopy of Multilayer Thin Films, Annual Review of Materials Research (2008)
  • National Research Council Research Associateship Program Postdoctoral Fellowship (2005)
  • Best Oral Presentation, J.E. Hilliard Symposium, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Northwestern University (2005)
  • Poster Award Winner, Fall Meeting of the Materials Research Society (2004)
  • BP Chemicals Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Environmental Molecular Science (2004)
  • Walter P. Murphy Graduate Fellowship, Northwestern University (2000)
  • Anvil Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Michigan (1999)
  • Best Poster, Undergraduate Summer Institute, Laurence Livermore National Laboratory (1998)
  • Intel Foundation Women in Science and Engineering Fellowship, University of Michigan (1997-1999)


Atom Probe Tomography using Extreme-Ultraviolet Light

Luis Miaja Avila, Ann C. Chiaramonti Debay, Benjamin W. Caplins, David R. Diercks, Brian Gorman, Norman A. Sanford
We present a different approach to laser-assisted atom probe tomography, where instead of using a near-UV laser for inducing a thermal transient, we use an
Created October 9, 2019