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Special Programs Office Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Dalia Travis Division Secretary dale.travis [at] Fed

Special Programs Office-HQ

Name Email Staff type
Philip Bennett philip.bennett [at] Fed
Tyler Boyle tyler.boyle [at] Fed
John Butler john.butler [at] Fed
Philip DeCola Assoc
Allison Getz allison.getz [at] Fed
Subhomoy Ghosh subhomoy.ghosh [at] IntlAssoc
Austin Hicklin robert.hicklin [at] Assoc
Austin Hope austin.hope [at] Assoc
John Jones john.jones [at] Fed
Anna Karion anna.karion [at] Fed
Corrine Lloyd corrine.lloyd [at] Fed
Israel Lopez Coto israel.lopezcoto [at] Assoc
Willie May willie.may [at] Assoc
Kimberly Mueller kimberly.mueller [at] Fed
Nikola Osborne nikola.osborne [at] IntlCtr
Donna Ramkissoon donna.ramkissoon [at] Fed
Robert Ramotowski robert.ramotowski [at] Fed
Christina Reed christina.reed [at] Fed
Roman Ruiz-Esparza roman.ruiz-esparza [at] Assoc
Kelly Sauerwein kelly.sauerwein [at] Fed
Katherine E. Sharpless katherine.sharpless [at] Fed
Donna J. Sirk donna.sirk [at] Fed
Mark Stolorow mark.stolorow [at] Assoc
Melissa Taylor melissa.taylor [at] Fed
Ian Thomas ian.thomas [at] Assoc
Robert M. Thompson robert.m.thompson [at] Fed
Dalia Travis dale.travis [at] Fed
Mikela Waldman mikela.waldman [at] Assoc
Heather Waltke heather.waltke [at] Ctr
James Whetstone james.whetstone [at] Fed
Tamae Wong tamae.wong [at] Fed