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Anna Karion


Inter-comparison of Atmospheric Trace Gas Dispersion Models: Barnett Shale Case Study

Anna Karion, Thomas Lauvaux, Israel Lopez Coto, Colm Sweeney, Kimberly L. Mueller, Sharon M. Gourdji, Wayne Angevine, Zachary R. Barkley, Aijun Deng, Ariel Stein, James R. Whetstone
Greenhouse gas emissions mitigation requires understanding dominant processes controlling fluxes of these trace gases into the atmosphere at increasingly finer

Evaluation of WRF-Chem Simulated Carbon Dioxide Atmospheric Transport and Emissions in the Baltimore / Washington Metropolitan Area

Cory R. Martin, Ning Zeng, Anna Karion, Kimberly L. Mueller, Subhomoy Ghosh, Israel Lopez Coto, Kevin Gurney, Tomohiro Oda, Kuldeep R. Prasad, Yun Liu, Russell R. Dickerson, James R. Whetstone
Urban areas are major sources of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, contributing to the increase in global concentrations and leading to concerns about Earth's

Improved characterization of methane emissions from the U.S. oil and gas supply chain

Ramon A. Alvarez, Daniel Zavala-Araiza, David R. Lyon, David T. Allen, Zachary R. Barkley, Adam R. Brandt, Kenneth J. Davis, Scott C. Herndon, Daniel J. Jacob, Anna Karion, Eric A. Kort, Brian K. Lamb, Thomas Lauvaux, Joannes D. Maasakkers, Anthony J. Marchese, Mark Omara, Stephen W. Pacala, Jeff Peischl, Allen L. Robinson, Paul B. Shepson, Colm Sweeney, Amy Townsend-Small, Steven C. Wofsy, Daniel Zimmerle, Steven P. Hamburg
The contribution of the U.S. oil and natural gas supply chain to global methane emissions – an important factor in climate warming – was estimated using ground
Created May 31, 2018