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Special Programs Office Staff

SPO Director                                                                
S. Shyam Sunder                     Director
K.E. Sharpless Deputy Director
Christina Reed Communications Coordinator
Corrine Lloyd Business Operations Advisor
Anneke Loggie Administrative Officer
Dalia Travis Administrative Specialist


Forensic Science Research Program                                                 
Robert Ramotowski                                                                           

Program Manager

Donna Ramkissoon Administrative Office Assistant
Melissa Taylor Management and Program Analyst
Kelly Sauerwein Physical Scientist
Henry Swofford Physical Scientist
Robert Thompson Physical Scientist
Austin Hicklin Guest Researcher
Heather Waltke Guest Researcher
Nikola Osborne Off-site Collaborator
Roman Ruiz-Esparza Off-site Collaborator
Ian Thomas

Off-site Collaborator


Forensic Foundations Studies Program  
John Butler                                                 NIST Fellow


Forensic Science Standards Program                                               
John Paul “JP” Jones II Program Manager
Vincent Desiderio Physical Scientist
Donna Sirk Management and Program Analyst
Allison Getz Physical Scientist
Crystal DeGrange Administrative Specialist
Mark Stolorow

Guest Researcher

Bridget Kowalchek Financial Specialist
Dana Delger Off-site Consultant
Steve Johnson Off-site Consultant
Gerry Laporte Off-site Consultant
Heather Waltke Off-site Consultant


Greenhouse Gas Measurements Program   
James Whetstone Program Manager
Tyler Boyle

Research Meteorologist

Annmarie Eldering Environmental Engineer
Anna Karion Mechanical Engineer
Kimberly Mueller Environmental Engineer
Tamae Wong Materials Engineer
Philip DeCola Guest Researcher
Subhomoy Ghosh Guest Researcher
Austin Hope Guest Researcher
Israel Lopez Coto Guest Researcher
Mikela Waldman Guest Researcher
Willie May Guest Researcher


Open Data Program                           
Katherine Sharpless Program Manager
Created September 26, 2022, Updated December 7, 2023