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Robotic Spherical Near-Field Measurements at 183 GHz

July 21, 2015
Michael H. Francis, Ronald C. Wittmann, David R. Novotny, Joshua A. Gordon
We describe millimeter-wave near-field measurements made with the new National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) robotic scanning system. This system is designed for high-frequency performance, is capable of scanning in multiple configurations

Configurable Robotic Millimeter-Wave Antenna Facility

April 13, 2015
Jeffrey R. Guerrieri, Joshua A. Gordon, David R. Novotny, Michael H. Francis, Ronald C. Wittmann, Miranda L. Butler
This paper introduces the Configurable Robotic Millimeter-Wave Antenna (CROMMA) facility by the Antenna Metrology Lab at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). NIST set out to develop an antenna measurement facility that would be

Broadband Rydberg Atom Based Self-Calibrating RF E-field Probe

August 16, 2014
Christopher L. Holloway, Joshua A. Gordon, Steven R. Jefferts, Thomas P. Heavner
We present a significantly new approach for an electric (E) field probe. The probe is based on the interaction of RF-fields with Rydberg atoms, where alkali atoms are excited optically to Rydberg states and the applied RF-field alters the resonant state of

Millimeter Wave Detection via Autler-Townes Splitting in Rubidium Rydberg Atoms

July 17, 2014
Joshua A. Gordon, Christopher L. Holloway, Andrew Schwarzkopf, Dave Anderson, Stephanie Miller, Nithiwadee Thaicharoen, Georg Raithel
In this paper we demonstrate the detection of millimeter waves via Autler-Townes splitting in 85Rb Rydberg atoms. This method may provide an independent atomic-based SI-traceable method for measuring mm-wave electric fi elds, which addresses a gap in


April 11, 2014
Jeffrey R. Guerrieri, David R. Novotny, Michael H. Francis, Jason B. Coder, Joshua A. Gordon
International comparison of antenna measurement results between national measurement laboratories supports interoperability of communication equipment in today’s world market. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is the pilot National

Terahertz Active and Passive Imaging

April 11, 2014
Erich N. Grossman, Joshua A. Gordon, David R. Novotny, Richard A. Chamberlin
We describe the results of bistatic scattering measurements covering 325-650 GHz on a series of wellcharacterized random rough test surfaces. These have implications for active THz imagers that use coherent sources for illumination. The mean scattered

Using a Laser Tracker to Actively Coordinate the Motion of a 3m Industrial Robot to Within 50 Microns: An ongoing effort to accurately determine and correct positioning errors.

October 1, 2013
David R. Novotny, Joshua A. Gordon, Jason B. Coder, Jeffrey R. Guerrieri, Michael H. Francis
We are using industrial-grade robotics guided by a metrology-grade laser tracker to perform antenna calibrations at mmWave frequencies. We are using a 3 m-reach robot to spherically scan a milli-meter Wave (mmWave) probe around an antenna under test (AUT)

Evaluation of a Robotically Controlled Millimeter-Wave Near-Field Pattern Range at NIST Determining mechaincal suitability for antenna measurements

April 8, 2013
David R. Novotny, Joshua A. Gordon, Jason B. Coder, Michael H. Francis, Jeffrey R. Guerrieri
The Antenna Metrology Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA (NIST) is developing a robotically controlled near-field pattern range for measuring antennas and components from 50 GHz to 500 GHz. This new range is intended to

Polymer Membranes to Quarter-Wave Match Gaussian Optics

February 18, 2013
Jack T. Surek, Jason B. Coder, Joshua A. Gordon, David R. Novotny
We demonstrate that a simple quarter wave match designed for 110 GHz in WR10 waveguide reduces reflected power by a factor of ten at high density polyethylene (HDPE)-air interfaces. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)-based membranes that are expanded by


October 26, 2012
David R. Novotny, Joshua A. Gordon, Edwin J. Heilweil, Brian C. Stillwell, Jeffrey R. Guerrieri, Erich N. Grossman, Shu Z. Lo
Beginning the fall of 2012, NIST will be providing scattering measurements for other government agencies. We present performance results of a bi-directional scattering measurement system in the 200-500 GHz range. The goal is to provide dense-spectrum, bi