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Millimeter Wave Detection via Autler-Townes Splitting in Rubidium Rydberg Atoms



Joshua A. Gordon, Christopher L. Holloway, Andrew Schwarzkopf, Dave Anderson, Stephanie Miller, Nithiwadee Thaicharoen, Georg Raithel


In this paper we demonstrate the detection of millimeter waves via Autler-Townes splitting in 85Rb Rydberg atoms. This method may provide an independent atomic-based SI-traceable method for measuring mm-wave electric fi elds, which addresses a gap in current calibration techniques in the mm-wave regime. The electric field amplitude within a rubidium vapor cell in the WR-10 wave guide band is measured for frequencies of 93 GHz, and 104 GHz. Relevant aspects of Autler-Townes splitting originating from a four-level electromagnetically induced transparency scheme are discussed. Experimental results are presented where we measure the E-fi eld generated by an open ended wave guide using this technique. Experimental results are compared to a full wave finite element simulation.
Applied Physics Letters




Gordon, J. , Holloway, C. , Schwarzkopf, A. , , D. , , S. , , N. and , G. (2014), Millimeter Wave Detection via Autler-Townes Splitting in Rubidium Rydberg Atoms, Applied Physics Letters (Accessed May 28, 2024)


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Created July 17, 2014, Updated January 27, 2020