Effect of Vapor Cell Geometry on Rydberg Atom-based Radio-frequency Electric Field Measurements

Published: July 15, 2015


Christopher L. Holloway, Joshua A. Gordon


A new approach to detect absolute radio-frequency (RF) electric fields (E-fields) that uses Rydberg atoms at room temperature in vapor cells has recently been demonstrated. The large transition dipole moments between energetically adjacent Rydberg states enable this technique to make traceable E-field measurements with high sensitivity over a large frequency range, from 1 GHz to 1 THz. In this paper, we experimentally investigate how the vapor cell geometry affects the accuracy of the measurements. We find that the effects of the vapor cell on the measured RF E-field can be minimized by making the vapor cell size small compared to the wavelength of the RF E-field. 1
Citation: Physical Review Applied
Pub Type: Journals

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Atom-base metrology, EIT, Electric field measurements, Rydberg atoms
Created July 15, 2015, Updated November 14, 2017