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Orientation Mapping of Graphene Using 4D STEM-in-SEM

Benjamin W. Caplins, Jason D. Holm, Ryan M. White, Robert R. Keller
A scanning diffraction technique is implemented in the scanning electron microscope. The technique, referred to as 4D STEM-in-SEM (four-dimensional scanning

Beam broadening in transmission EBSD

Robert R. Keller, Katherine P. Rice, Mark Stoykovich
Transmission electron backscatter diffraction (t-EBSD), also known as transmission electron forward scatter diffraction (t-EFSD) or transmission Kikuchi

Giant Secondary Grain Growth in Cu Films on Sapphire

David L. Miller, Mark W. Keller, Justin M. Shaw, Katherine P. Rice, Robert R. Keller, Kyle M. Diederichsen
Single crystal metal films on insulating substrates are attractive for microelectronics and other applications, but they are difficult to achieve on macroscopic

What's in a 'NYM?

Robert R. Keller
The field of electron microscopy, by its very diverse nature, abounds with acronyms: AEM, EF-TEM, ESEM, FE-SEM, HREM, HRTEM, HVEM, SEM, STEM, TEM, and VP-SEM

Transmission EBSD in the Scanning Electron Microscope

Roy H. Geiss, Katherine P. Rice, Robert R. Keller
A new method for obtaining Kikuchi diffraction patterns from thin specimens in transmission has been developed for use in the SEM, scanning electron microscope

Reliability Testing of Advanced Interconnect Materials

Robert R. Keller, Mark C. Strus, Ann C. Chiaramonti Debay, David T. Read, Younglae Kim, Yung J. Jung
We describe the development of electrical test methods to evaluate damage that determines reliability in advanced, small-scale conductors, including damascene