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2015 NIST Workshop on Analytical Transmission Scanning Electron Microscopy



Robert Keller


The Workshop on Analytical Transmission Scanning Electron Microscopy (t-SEM) was held at the NIST Boulder Laboratories of the U. S. Department of Commerce September 15-16, 2015. Its intent was to assess present and future challenges and opportunities associated with the recent emergence of transmission approaches to performing scanning electron microscopy (SEM), historically a reflection-based measurement platform for microscopic structure and chemistry of solids. Transmission techniques are particularly well-suited to characterization of materials that are confined to extremely small volumes, with dimensions in the range single to tens of nanometers, as well as materials composed of low atomic number elements such as carbon.
Proceedings Title
Microscopy and Microanalysis, 2017
23 (Suppl 1)
Conference Dates
August 6-10, 2017
Conference Location
St. Louis, MO, US


STEM-in-SEM, t-SEM, TKD, transmission EBSD, transmission Kikuchi diffraction, transmission scanning electron microscopy


Keller, R. (2017), 2015 NIST Workshop on Analytical Transmission Scanning Electron Microscopy, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 2017, St. Louis, MO, US, [online],, (Accessed June 19, 2024)


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Created September 1, 2017, Updated October 14, 2021