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193 nm scatterfield microscope illumination optics

Martin Y. Sohn, Richard M. Silver
A scatterfield microscope for deep sub-wavelength semiconductor metrology using 193 nm light has been designed. In addition to accommodating the fixed numerical

Harnessing 3D Scattered Optical Fields for sub-20 nm Defect Detection

Bryan M. Barnes, Martin Y. Sohn, Francois R. Goasmat, Hui Zhou, Richard M. Silver, Abraham Arceo
Experimental imaging at =193 nm of sub-resolved defects performed at several focus positions yields a volume of spatial and intensity data. Defects are located

Fundamental Limits of Optical Patterned Defect Metrology

Richard M. Silver, Bryan M. Barnes, Martin Y. Sohn, Hui Zhou, Jing Qin
The semiconductor manufacturing industry is now facing serious challenges in achieving defect detection rates with acceptable throughput and accuracy. With

Optical illumination optimization for patterned defect inspection

Bryan M. Barnes, Richard Quintanilha, Martin Y. Sohn, Hui Zhou, Richard M. Silver
Rapidly decreasing critical dimensions (CD) for semiconductor devices drive the study of improved methods for the detection of defects within patterned areas