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Label-free surface acoustic wave-based embedded flow sensor

Aurore F. Quelennec, Jason J. Gorman, Darwin R. Reyes-Hernandez
This paper presents a calibration/label-free flow sensor embedded in a microfluidic system. This sensor is based on surface acoustic waves, where the acoustic

MEMS Nanopositioners

Jason J. Gorman
This book chapter provides a review of the state of the art for MEMS nanopositioners. The motivation for MEMS nanopositioners is presented with respect to the

MEMS optomechanical accelerometry standards

Felipe Guzman, Yiliang Bao, Jason J. Gorman, John R. Lawall, Jacob M. Taylor, Thomas W. LeBrun
Current acceleration primary standards reach relative uncertainties of the order of 0.001 and consist of complex test facilities, typically operated at National

Automated Multiprobe Microassembly using Vision Feedback

John D. Wason, John T. Wen, Jason J. Gorman, Nicholas G. Dagalakis
This paper describes the algorithm development and experimental results of a vision-guided multi-probe microassembly system. The key focus is to develop the