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Fe2MnGe: A Hexagonal Heusler Analogue

S. Keshavarz, N. Naghibolashrafi, Michelle Elizabeth Jamer, K. Vinson, D. Mazumdar, Cindi L. Dennis, William D. Ratcliff, Julie A. Borchers, A. Gupta, P. LeClair
Fe2MnGe is a potential half-metallic full-Heusler L21 ferromagnetic compound with large spin polarization ({approximately equal}97%) useful for various

Artifacts in magnetic measurements of fluid samples

Cindi L. Dennis, Zoe A. Boekelheide
Applications of magnetic fluids are ever increasing, as well as the corresponding need to be able to characterize these fluids in situ. Commercial magnetometers

Solution-phase and Magnetic Approach Towards Understanding Iron Gall Inks

Harshita Kumari, Steven R. Kline, Cindi L. Dennis, Andrew V. Mossine, Rick L. Paul, Carol A. Deakyne, Jerry L. Atwood
Crystallization of compounds of iron with polyphenols, such as iron gall inks, has been an ongoing challenge. As with iron-gall inks, iron complexes of 1,2,3

Controlling the Self-Assembly of Metal-Seamed Organic Nanocapsules

Harshita Kumari, Andrew V. Mossine, Steven R. Kline, Cindi L. Dennis, Drew A. Fowler, Simon J. Teat, Charles L. Barnes, Carol A. Deakyne, Jerry L. Atwood
Puzzling out the intricacies associated with formation of supramolecular structures provides insight into and control of the self-assembly process. Such control

Magnetization Reversal Mechanisms in Heusler Alloy Spin Valves

T. P. Ginley, Julie A. Borchers, Brian J. Kirby, Cindi L. Dennis, Matthew J. Carey, J. R. Childress
Ferromagnetic layers composed of Heusler alloys, which are predicted to be 100% spin polarized in bulk, have been incorporated into spin-valve sensors to