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Artifacts in magnetic measurements of fluid samples



Cindi L. Dennis, Zoe A. Boekelheide


Applications of magnetic fluids are ever increasing, as well as the corresponding need to be able to characterize these fluids in situ. Commercial magnetometers are accurate and well-characterized for solid and powder samples, but their use with fluid samples is more limited. Here, we describe artifacts which can occur in magnetic measurements of fluid samples and their impact. The most critical problem in the measurement of fluid samples is the dynamic nature of the sample position and size/shape. Methods to reduce these artifacts are also discussed, such as removal of air bubbles and dynamic centering.
AIP Advances


magnetic fluids, magnetic nanoparticles, magnetic microparticles, artifacts, hysteresis loops


Dennis, C. and Boekelheide, Z. (2016), Artifacts in magnetic measurements of fluid samples, AIP Advances (Accessed June 21, 2024)


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Created August 24, 2016, Updated March 20, 2017