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Fe2MnGe: A Hexagonal Heusler Analogue



S. Keshavarz, N. Naghibolashrafi, Michelle Elizabeth Jamer, K. Vinson, D. Mazumdar, Cindi L. Dennis, William D. Ratcliff, Julie A. Borchers, A. Gupta, P. LeClair


Fe2MnGe is a potential half-metallic full-Heusler L21 ferromagnetic compound with large spin polarization ({approximately equal}97%) useful for various spintronic applications according to our first principles calculations using density functional theory. We therefore synthesized polycrystalline samples using arc-melting and post thermal treatments. our experimental investifations revealed that Fe2MnGe crystallizes in a stable hexagonal DO19 phase, with a high saturation magnetization of approximately 5υB/f.u. at Τ = 5 K and an estimated Curie temperature of Τc~505 K. Large magnetocrystalline anisotropy and the possibility of half-metallicity presents Fe2MnGe as a candidate for spin-torque-transfer RAM and other magnetic memory applications. Although, no sample has shown the pure cubic phase during these investigations, the neutron diffraction investigations were suggestive of a low temperature cubic or tetragonal phase which can be achieved by structural transformations.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds


Created August 20, 2018, Updated November 19, 2018