Jetting Flow of a Shear Banding Fluid

November 20, 2016
Paul NMN Salipante, Charles A. Little, Steven D Hudson
In this video we show the jetting behavior of a shear banding worm-like micelle solution in microfluidic flows. The jetting behavior is characterized by a self...

Report for Dedicated JPSS VIIRS Ocean Color Calibration/Validation Cruise December 2015

October 30, 2016
Michael Ondrusek, Veronica P. Lance, Eric Stengel, Menghua Wang, Zhongping Lee, Jianwei Wei, Junfang Lin, Chuanmin Hu, Charles Kovach, David English, Jennifer Cannizzaro, Alex Gilerson, Sam Ahmed, Carlos Carrizo, Ahmed El-Habashi, Robert Foster, Matteo Ottaviani, Robert Arnone, Sherwin Ladner, Wesley Goode, Ryan Vandermeulen, Nicholas Tufillaro, Jasmine Nahorniak, Curtiss Davis, Joaquim I. Goes, Kali McKee, Scott Freeman, Joaquin E. Chaves Cedeno, Kenneth Voss, Bettye C. Johnson

Should ontologies be evaluated?

September 01, 2016
Judith R. Gelernter, Jyoti Jha
Ontologies are semantic tools for Artificial Intelligence. Ontologies list and define objects in a domain and the relationship among objects such as to do...