Final Report for Project BAA No. DTFH61-08-R-00034: Greatly Increased Use of Fly Ash in Hydraulic Cement Concrete (HCC) for Pavement Layers and Transportation Structures (Phase II - Tasks 4 and 5)

Published: November 17, 2017


Igor de la Varga, Dale P. Bentz, Jason Weiss


This report serves as the final report for a research project focused on increasing the usage of fly ash in transportation infrastructure. Specifically, this report addresses two phases of the research dealing with internal curing and early-age cracking, and has been divided into four chapters. The first chapter presents a new approach of using higher volumes of fly ash (HVFA) in concrete including internal curing (IC). It focuses on the general performance of internally-cured high volume fly ash (IC-HVFA) mixtures on mechanical, shrinkage and hydration. The second chapter deals with the evaluation of the cracking potential in this type of mixtures. This is done using the Dual Ring Test. In relation to this, a large scale test is also presented (corresponding to the Phase III of the Project). The third chapter includes a study on the transport properties of IC-HVFA mixtures. Finally, the fourth chapter focuses on the addition of a ternary component to high volume fly ash (HVFA) mixtures in order to reduce their delays in early age reactions and setting times.
Citation: FHWA report
Pub Type: Others


Early-age cracking, high volume fly ash, internal curing, sustainability.
Created November 17, 2017, Updated November 10, 2018