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Even Small Factories Can Get Smarter



Thomas D. Hedberg, Moneer M. Helu


Smart manufacturing uses data to deliver value the way automation, mechanical machinery, and labor did in the past. Yet engineers often worry that transitioning to smarter factories involves navigating a deluge of unfamiliar and possibly expensive technologies ranging from the Internet of Things and big data to cloud computing and machine learning. Surprisingly, it may not be as daunting or expensive as you think. When it comes to making your plant smarter, there is plenty of low hanging fruit. The payoff could be huge, especially for small and medium sized manufacturers who switch their production mix monthly, weekly, or even daily.
Mechanical Engineering Magazine


smart manufacturing, test bed, mtconnect


Hedberg, T. and Helu, M. (2017), Even Small Factories Can Get Smarter, Mechanical Engineering Magazine, [online], (Accessed June 18, 2024)


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Created October 1, 2017, Updated October 3, 2017