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Book Chapters

Ceramic Materials and Powder Diffraction

Winnie K. Wong-Ng
Contrary to general public’s perception of ceramics as primarily encompassing art work, table ware, porcelain enamels, tiles, and sanitary ware, ceramics cover

Josephson Junctions for Metrology Applications

Samuel P. Benz
The Josephson effect has revolutionized voltage metrology [1-5] and, together with the quantum Hall effect for resistance and atomic clocks for time and

Disordered Heterogeneous Materials

Andrew J. Allen
This chapter describes the use of diffraction-based methods to characterize amorphous or disordered heterogeneous materials. Quantitative materials

Polymer Additive Manufacturing: Confronting Complexity

Anthony P. Kotula, Jonathan E. Seppala, Chad R. Snyder
Since its development and commercialization in the 1980s, polymer additive manufacturing (AM) has become a disruptive technology. In this chapter we describe


Jonathan E. Seppala, Anthony P. Kotula, Chad R. Snyder


Marcia L. Huber
This is a chapter in CRC that contains tables with viscosity of gases

Performance-based design to achieve community resilience

Bruce Ellingwood, Naiyu Wang, James Harris, Therese P. McAllister
The resilience of communities depends on the performance of the built environment and on supporting social, economic and public institutions on which the

Robotic Grasping and Manipulation Competition: Task Pool

Yu Sun, Joseph A. Falco, Nadia Cheng, Hyouk Ryeol Choi, Erik Engeberg, Nancy Pollard, Maximo Roa, Zeyang Xia
A Robot Grasping and Manipulation Competition was held during IROS 2016. The competition provided a common set of robot tasks for researchers focused on the