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SI Superheroes Text for the Visually Impaired

The League of SI Superheroes: Desperate Measures - description for the visually impaired (back to news release)

Narrator: Setting the standard for incredible accuracy and mind-bending precision wherever they go, it's the League of SI Superheroes! Today's episode: Desperate Measures...

Visual: Camera opens on the front cover of a comic book depicting the heroes. The title reads "League of SI Superheroes in ... Desperate Measures!

Keesha: Practice ended 10 minutes ago. I need to call my parents. Where is my phone?

Visual: Page turns to reveal Keesha sitting on bleachers next to a soccer field. She is digging through her backpack.

Narrator: Meanwhile, at the National Institute of Standards and Technology...

Visual: Scene cuts to the SI Superheroes gathered before a large video monitor watching Keesha look through her bag.

Mizz Ampere: Keesha's in trouble.

Dr. Kelvin: What can we do?

The Mole: I've got an idea. Quickly! League of International Measurement Units, assemble!

Visual: Each of the superheroes appears on screen and says his or her name. Scene cuts to the Superheroes assembled and looking on at Keesha sitting on the bleachers.

Superheroes speaking in unison: Let's get to work!

The Mole: We'll need exactly the right elements in the right amounts. Gold ... silver ... copper ... iron ... aluminum ... chromium ... they're all here. Dr. Kelvin, some help!

Visual: The Mole summons various elements from the ground and drops them into a container.

Dr. Kelvin: My pleasure!

Visual: Dr. Kelvin applies heat using his flaming hand and monitors the temperature with his thermometer.

Dr. Kelvin: 1337.15 K. That should do it!

The Mole: Yes, excellent! Monsieur Kilogram!

Visual: Monsieur Kilogram dips his one of his measuring pans into the molten mixture and weighs it against the kilogram

Monsieur Kilogram: Oui, oui, the masses are correct. Where do they go?

Meter Man: Here, in the mold!

Visual: Meter Man looks over a circuit board and points to a rectangular mold. Monsieur Kilogram pours the mixture into the mold.

Meter Man: Yes, it's shaping up nicely! Ms. Ampere, some juice please!

Visual: Ms. Ampere raises her arm and zaps the device Meter Man is holding with a bolt of electricity.

Ms. Ampere: Positively! Batteries charged! Professor Second, time to synchronize!

Professor Second: Found it! Frequencies synched!

Visual: Professor Second looks skyward toward a distant cell phone tower. Electromagnetic waves of different frequencies fill the air. She finds the right one and synchs it with the waves emanating from the device Meter Man is holding. The device floats skyward.

Candela: Let's throw some lumens on the subject!

Visual: Candela taps the device with her wand. There is a flash of light and the device is revealed to be a cell phone.

Mole: Great work team! When our powers combine, we can build anything!

Visual: The gathered heroes give each other high fives and celebrate. Meter Man slips the phone into Keesha's bag.

Keesha: Oh, here's my phone! Where are you guys? Traffic? Okay, see you soon!

Visual: Keesha pulls her phone from her bag and uses it to call her parents.

Narrator: Another crisis averted thanks to the power of measurement...

Visual: Screen fades to black and words appear: The International System of Units, also known as the SI or Metric System, helps make your life easier every day in ways that you might not even notice. NIST maintains and improves this measurement for the United States. Visit us on the web at to learn more.

Animation: Jake Dean

Illustration and storyboards: Loel Barr

Character design: Chris Scott

NIST Production Staff

Producer: Gail Porter

Script writer: Mark Esser

Sound designer: Leon Gerskovic

Voices (in order of appearance)

Narrator and Mole: Mark Esser

Keesha: Denise Herbert

Mizz Ampere: Gail Porter

Dr. Kelvin: Chad Boutin

Professor Second: Mirta-Marie Keys

Monsieur Kilogram: Douglas Porter

Meter Man: Jose Garcia

Candela: Gladys Arrisueño

Created October 8, 2014, Updated January 4, 2017