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Atomic Scale Quantum Nanoelectronics Laboratory

Location: Bldg. 218, Rm. D015

The CNST's ultra low temperature scanning probing microscope (SPM) laboratory allows measurements of the quantum electronic structure of nanometer scale systems with an unprecedented combination of spatial and energy resolution. As materials and devices are reduced to nanometer scales, the electron energy levels become quantized, leading to a range of new physical phenomena. Measurements that can separate these levels with high spatial and energy resolution are required to understand and exploit such systems for future electronics, quantum information technologies, and nanomanufacturing. In order to achieve such measurements, we have developed a state of the art, low noise laboratory with meticulous acoustic, electromagnetic, and thermal isolation and control. The SPM system includes capabilities for multiple probes based on quantum tunneling, and novel probe-based measurements exploiting spin polarized tunneling and integrated single electron transistors. The SPM is incorporated within a custom, low noise cryogenic refrigeration system capable of cooling the sample and probes to 10 mK in ultra-high vacuum (UHV). The laboratory also features multiple, UHV sample preparation and characterization chambers interconnected via a sample transport system. The initial materials and devices being studied include novel metal and III-V compound semiconductor structures fabricated to elucidate the fundamental principles that govern electronic behavior on the nanoscale.

Created December 11, 2009, Updated November 26, 2019