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Handbook of Basic Atomic Spectroscopic Data

NIST Standard Reference Database 108

Last Update to Data Content: November 2013 | Version HistoryDisclaimer | Finding List | Element Name | Atomic Number | Periodic Table | Download eBook Version | DOI:

This handbook is designed to provide a selection of the most important and frequently used atomic spectroscopic data in an easily accessible format. The compilation includes data for the neutral and singly-ionized atoms of all elements hydrogen through einsteinium (Z = 1-99). The wavelengths, intensities, and spectrum assignments are given in a table for each element, and the data for the approximately 12,000 lines of all elements are also collected into a single table, sorted by wavelength (a "finding list").

  1. Introduction
  2. Atomic Data Tables
  3. Strong Line Tables
    1. Wavelengths
    2. Intensities
  4. Persistent-Line Tables
    1. Transition Probabilities
    2. Energy-Level Classifications
  5. Energy Level Tables
  6. Finding List
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. References

NIST Standard Reference Database 108 | J.E. Sansonetti and W.C. Martin, Quantum Measurement Division, PML

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Created July 1, 2009, Updated February 24, 2022