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Elemental Data Index

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Web Database Developers:

M.A. Zucker, A.R. Kishore, R. Sukumar, and R.A. Dragoset
Physical Measurement Laboratory, NIST


The Elemental Data Index provides access to the holdings of NIST Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML) online data organized by element. It is intended to simplify the process of retrieving online scientific data for a specific element from various online databases, including atomic spectroscopy, atomic data, x-ray absorption, and nuclear data. For some of the databases, the data is immediately retrieved; for others, the retrieval form is provided with the element entered in the form, but additional options must be selected in order to retrieve the data. Each of the databases can be individually accessed from PML's Physical Reference Data page.

Instructions for using the database
Information about the databases in the index

Access the data:

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Formerly known as Standard Reference Database (SRD) 105, but reclassified as a portal to be consistent with the Standard Reference Data Act of 1968 and, as amended, January 2017.
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Online: September 1999 - Last update: December 2017

This database was funded in part by NIST's Systems Integration for Manufacturing Applications (SIMA) Program.


Created June 29, 2009, Updated February 24, 2022