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Bibliography of Photon Total Cross Section (Attenuation Coefficient) Measurements

NISTIR 5437  |  Version History  |  Disclaimer

Data Compiler: J. H. Hubbell
Web Database Developers: J. S. Coursey, J. Hwang, and D. S. Zucker
NIST, PML, Radiation Physics Division


A bibliography is presented of papers reporting absolute measurements of photon (XUV, x-ray, gamma-ray, bremsstrahlung) total interaction cross sections or attenuation coefficients for the elements and some compounds. The energy range covered is from 10 eV to above 10 GeV. These papers are part of the reference collection of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Photon and Charged Particle Data Center. They cover the period from 1907 through 1995. Included with each reference are annotations specifying the energy range covered and the substances studied. This updated bibliography now includes 580 non-duplicative references to available measured data, plus 42 references to critical evaluations and review articles.

  1. Introduction
  2. Compilation of the Bibliography
  3. Description of the Bibliography
  4. Discussion
  5. Request for Additions and Corrections
  6. Bibliography


The author thanks Mrs. Gloria Wiersma for her recapture of the bibliography and indexes of the reference [12] into PC machine readable form by means of an optical scanner and for her extensive editing and cross-checking of this material.

Customer Support | Online: November 1995 | Last update: June 2003

Formerly known as SRD 125, but reclassified as a bibliographic collection to be consistent with the Standard Reference Data Act of 1968 and, as amended, January 2017. This database was funded [in part] by NIST's Systems Integration for Manufacturing Applications (SIMA) Program.


Created September 18, 2009, Updated December 5, 2019