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Patent description for Critical-Dimension Localization Microscopy

Apparatus for Critical-Dimension Localization Microscopy

NIST Inventors
Samuel M. Stavis and Craig Copeland
Performing critical-dimension localization microscopy includes: subjecting a first dimensional member and a second dimensional member of a reference artifact to critical-dimension metrology, the first and second dimensional members, in combination, including a critical dimension and each

Uniaxial Counter-Propagating Monolaser Atom Trap

NIST Inventors
Stephen Eckel , James A. Fedchak , Julia Scherschligt , Daniel Barker , Eric Norrgard and Nikolai Klimov
A uniaxial counter-propagating monolaser atom trap cools and traps atoms with a single a laser beam and includes: an atom slower that slows atoms to form slowed atoms; an optical diffractor including: a first diffraction grating that receives primary light and produces first reflected light; a
Patent Images and description for 10,955,617

High-Resolution Photonic Thermometer Article

NIST Inventors
Kevin O Douglass , Zeeshan Ahmed and Nikolai Klimov
A high-resolution photonic thermometer article performs high-resolution thermometry and includes: a light source; a photonic thermometer with a waveguide and a photonic crystal cavity that stores light; a photodetector in communication with the photonic thermometer; a phase sensitive detector in

Triple Point Immersion Cell Article

NIST Inventors
Jay Nanninga and Weston L. Tew
A triple point immersion cell article determines a triple point of a non-metallic analyte and includes: a first cryochamber including a first cryo-zone; a second cryochamber including a second cryo-zone that is: nested and disposed in the first cryochamber; and thermally isolated by the first

Josephson Junction Circuits For Single-Photon Optoelectronic Neurons And Synapses

NIST Inventors
Jeff Shainline , Adam McCaughan , Sae Woo Nam and Manuel Castellanos Beltran
Single-photon optoelectronic neurons convert the optical signals of single photons to the electrical domain where summing and thresholding operations are performed. In these circuits, the photonic signals are converted to an electronic signal using a superconducting single-photon detector in

Photonic Quantum Dew Point Sensor

NIST Inventors
Tobias Herman , Nikolai Klimov and Thomas Purdy
A photonic quantum dew point sensor determines a dew point of an analyte and includes a common substrate; a photonic dew sensor on the common substrate and exposed for direct contact with the analyte; a photonic temperature sensor on the common substrate; an optomechanical temperature sensor on the
Image for 10,816,325

Deformometer for Determining Deformation of an Optical Cavity Optic

NIST Inventors
Zeeshan Ahmed , Kevin O Douglass , Stephen Eckel , Patrick Egan and Jay H. Hendricks
A superconducting waveform synthesizer produces an arbitrary waveform and includes an encoder that produces a bitstream; a pattern generator that produces a current bias pulse from the bitstream; a Josephson junction that produces a quantized output pulse from the current bias pulse; and a converter
image for 10,837,828

Non-attenuating Meter for Determining Optical Energy of Laser Light

NIST Inventors
Joshua Hadler , John H. Lehman , Matthew Spidell and Paul A. Williams
A non-attenuating meter determines optical energy of laser light in an absence of optical attenuation of the laser light and includes: a recipient mirror that: receives laser light that propagates in a primary propagation direction; produces profile light; transmits the profile light through the

Recessed Carbon Nanotube Article and Method for Making Same

NIST Inventors
Chris Yung , Nathan A Tomlin and Dan Schmidt
A microbolometer structure including carbon nanotubes, a substrate (silicon, alumina, etc.) with an array of micromachined wells/holes/pockets, a weak thermal link (membrane or legs) at the base of each well/hole/pocket, a protection layer bonded to substrate over the wells for subsequent back side

Optomechanical Pressure Measurement System And Method Using The Vibrational Modes Of A Membrane

NIST Inventors
Stephen Eckel , James A. Fedchak , Thomas Purdy and Robinjeet Singh
An optomechanical pressure-measurement system measures pressure in the range of 10.sup.−6 Pa-10.sup.−2 Pa by measuring various properties of a vibrational mode of an ultra-thin membrane member. With independent measurements of the thickness and density of the membrane, in addition to the measured

Quantum Flow Cytometer

NIST Inventors
Sergey Polyakov and Ivan Burenkov
Flow cytometry is arguably the most powerful optical method routinely used in the diagnosis of health disorders and disease monitoring. We enhance an optical flow cytometer with a photon­ number statistics measurement. Our technique allows for an absolute measurement of biomarker concentration and
Slide showing text explaining the benefits of the technology described in patent 10,720,993

Metasurface Optical Pulse Shaper for Shaping an Optical Pulse in a Temporal Domain

NIST Inventors
Henri Lezec and Wenqi Zhu
A metasurface optical pulse shaper includes a metasurface with superpixels disposed on an entry side of the metasurface and a wire grid polarizer disposed on an exit surface of the metasurface for controlling a phase, amplitude, or polarization of an optical pulse, wherein the metasurface in

Molecular Scrivener For Reading Or Writing Data To A Macromolecule

NIST Inventors
Joseph Robertson and Kin (Charles) Cheung
A molecular scrivener reads data from or writes data to a macromolecule and includes: a pair of shielding electrodes; a scrivener electrode between the first and second shielding electrodes and that electrically floats at a third potential that, in an absence of a charged or dipolar moiety of the

Micromechanical Vibrasolator

NIST Inventors
Jason J. Gorman
Micromechanical resonators are devices that vibrate at specified resonance frequencies and are used for timing, sensing, and signal processing. The most important performance metric for micromechanical resonators is the quality factor, which determines how quickly energy is dissipated in the

Process For Making Alkali Metal Vapor Cells

NIST Inventors
John Kitching
Making alkali metal vapor cells includes: providing a preform wafer that includes cell cavities in a cavity layer; providing a sealing wafer having a cover layer and transmission apertures; disposing a deposition assembly on the sealing wafer; disposing an alkali metal precursor in the deposition
A list of radiation-induced materials modifications that are NIST traceable

Photonic Dosimeter and Process for Performing Dosimetry

NIST Inventors
Ronald Tosh , Zeeshan Ahmed , Ryan P. Fitzgerald and Nikolai Klimov
A photonic dosimeter accrues cumulative dose and includes: a substrate; a waveguide disposed on the substrate and that: receives a primary input light; transmits secondary input light from the primary input light to a dosimatrix; receives a secondary output light from the dosimatrix; and produces

Optical Reference Cavity

NIST Inventors
Franklyn Quinlan , Scott Diddams and Andrew Ludlow
An optical reference cavity includes: a cell that includes: a cylindrical body; end faces; an optical canal having an interior cylindrical geometry; and an exterior surface having an exterior cylindrical geometry; mirrors disposed on the end faces; an aspect ratio that is less than 1; a compression

Thermoelectric Devices Based On Nanophononic Metamaterials

NIST Inventors
Kris A. Bertness and Joel Weber
A nanophononic metamaterial-based thermoelectric energy conversion device and processes for fabricating a nanophononic metamaterial-based thermoelectric energy conversion device is provided. In one implementation, for example, a nanophononic metamaterial-based thermoelectric energy conversion device

Methods And Apparatus For Generating Mid-Infrared Frequency Combs

NIST Inventors
Scott Diddams , Scott Papp , Abijith Kowligy and Alexander Lind
Apparatus and methods for generating mid-IR frequency combs using intra-pulse DFG. A mode-locked pulse generation laser generates near-IR pulses which are amplified. The amplified pulses are spectrally broadened by a nonlinear element, for example a normal dispersion highly nonlinear fiber (ND-HNLF)
A timeline of long distance communication techniques

Communication Linker for Communication Linking

NIST Inventors
Sergey Polyakov and Ivan Burenkov
A communication linker includes: a classical encoder; an optical transmitter; a receiver; a local oscillator in communication with the receiver and that: receives a feedback signal; and produces a displacement frequency, based on the feedback signal; a single photon detector in communication with

Optical Phantom for Producing a Time-Resolved Diffuse Reflectance Spectrum

NIST Inventors
Jeeseong C. Hwang
An optical phantom produces a time-resolved diffuse reflectance spectrum and includes: a light source; a spatial light modulator; and an optical delay line including optical fibers of different length that produce different time-of-flight distributions, such that different time-of-flight