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Closed-loop Controlled Chemical Apparatus

Patent Number: 11,733,191


A closed-loop controlled chemical apparatus includes: a compound sensor including: an analyte sensor and that: produces, by the analyte sensor, a voltage signal; a reference sensor in electrical communication with the analyte sensor; a transistor including a gate terminal such that a drain current of the transistor is maintained at a constant value and operated at an optimal transduction condition of peak sensitivity and minimum noise of the transistor; a feedback controller in electrical communication with the transistor and that: receives a transduction signal; determining a deviation of the transduction signal from a setpoint, the setpoint determined by transfer characteristics of the transistor; produces the feedback control signal that minimizes the deviation of the transduction signal from the based on a control model; and communicates the feedback control signal to the reference sensor for suppression of electrical noise fluctuations in the closed-loop controlled chemical apparatus.

Created September 11, 2023, Updated December 15, 2023