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NG7 30m SANS

NSF: Small Angle Neutron Scattering (NG7 30m SANS)



SANS Setup
Schematic from Kathryn Krycka

Neutron spin filters can be applied to measurements requiring different field orientations. The schematic shown above illustrates the use of NSFs on the 30m SANS and CHRNS Very Small Angle Neutron Scattering (VSANS) instruments. In this example, the NSF is the analyzer for a polarized beam measurement with a horizontal field. For more details, please select the provided links for general {Gentile05, Gentile00} and specific {Chen09, Krycka09} applications. All SANS publications using NSFs can be found here.

Neutron Polarization Analysis with Kathryn Krycka (mp4 format)

Powerpoint slide provided for presentation use: Neutron Spin Filters on SANS


Specifications for NSFs on 30m SANS
NG7 SANS with 3He
  • 3He cell analyzer only (under low vacuum)
  • 3He polarization flipping capability
  • Standard wavelengths: \({\lambda}\) = 5 \({\unicode{x212B}}\) or 7.5 \({\unicode{x212B}}\)
  • Measurable Q range: 0.015 \({\unicode{x212B}}\)-1 - 0.12 \({\unicode{x212B}}\)-1
  • Sample field: H \({\leq}\) 1.6 T
  • Four cross-section polarization correction
  • 3He transmission: \({\leq}\)54% (for desired state)
  • Flipping ratio: \({\leq}\) 90
  • Manifold sample holder (up to 3 samples simul.)
Created May 16, 2018, Updated July 13, 2020