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Course Materials


Triple Axis / MACS (Hard Matter)

Triple Axis (contact: Jeffrey.Lynn [at] (Jeffrey[dot]Lynn[at]nist[dot]gov) ,   Yang.Zhao [at] (Yang[dot]Zhao[at]nist[dot]gov) ,   or Rebecca.Dally [at] (Rebecca[dot]Dally[at]nist[dot]gov))

     Triple Axis Presentation

     BT7 Introduction

MACS (contact: Jose.Rodriguez [at] (Jose[dot]Rodriguez[at]nist[dot]gov) ,   or Yiming.Qiu [at] (Yiming[dot]Qiu[at]nist[dot]gov))

     MACS Supplemental files

     MACS Presentation

Neutron Spin Echo /  High Flux Backscattering (Soft Matter)

Neutron Spin Echo (contact: Antonio.Faraone [at] (Antonio[dot]Faraone[at]nist[dot]gov))

     NSE Supplemental files

High Flux Backscattering (contact: Madhusudan.Tyagi [at] (Madhusudan[dot]Tyagi[at]nist[dot]gov))

     HFBS Supplemental files

     Guide to HFBS Experiments

Disk Chopper / Diffraction (Materials Chemistry)

Disk Chopper Spectrometer (contact: Craig.Brown [at] (Craig[dot]Brown[at]nist[dot]gov))

     DSC Instrument Presentation

     DCS Science Context Presentation

Diffraction (contact: Craig.Brown [at] (Craig[dot]Brown[at]nist[dot]gov))

Software Installation Instructions

Neutron Spectroscopy School Software



Week 1 Preparation Material

Introduction to GatherTown

Experiment and Poster Schedule

Week 2 Preparation Material

Proposal Writing Handout


Introduction to Neutron Spectroscopy (Peter Gehring)

Selecting the Right Neutron Spectroscopy Instrument (Jim Rhyne)

Student’s Final Project: How to write a beam time proposal (Yamali Hernandez)

The NCNR reactor and cold sources (Dagistan Sahin)


Tour of Techniques

NeXT/Imaging (Jake LaManna)

VSANS (Yun Liu)

NDP (Jamie Weaver)

Neutron Reflectometry (Alex Grutter)

Residual Stress Diffractometer (Thomas Gnaupel-Herold)

Fundamental Physics Research (Shannon Hoogerheide)


Created July 26, 2022