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Cancer Genome in a Bottle

Part of the Genome in a Bottle Consortium hosted by NIST dedicated to authoritative characterization of benchmark cancer genomes. Sign up for General GIAB and

Comparative Serum Proteomics Project

Initially the Comparative Mammalian Proteome Aggregator Resource (CoMPARe) Program will generate proteomic data from sera from 25 different species that

Flow Cytometry Lab

Our experienced staff leverage the latest cytometry technologies to develop innovative flow cytometry measurement solutions, standards, and reference materials

Measurements for minimal cells

Technologies to manipulate biological systems have far outpaced our ability to design the function of those systems in a predictable way. This is, in part, a

NIST/EDRN Cancer Biomarker Collaboration

NIST supports the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Early Detection Research Network (EDRN) as a Biomarker Reference Laboratory by efficiently validating the


An open-access, living reference material for biomanufacturing innovation and collaboration