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Comments on Draft NISTIR 8200

Interagency Report on Status of International Cybersecurity Standardization for the Internet of Things (IoT)

February 14, 2018 Draft

The public comment period for Draft NISTIR 8200 was open between February 14, 2018 - April 18, 2018. Comments will be posted here, as they are received. For a copy of the document and a template for providing comments, see the Draft NISTIR 8200 homepage.


Date Received from:
2/14/2018 Kurt D. Danis, Schriever AFB
2/14/2018 Sophia Applebaum, The MITRE Corporation

Trevor Houck, ICS Security

3/27/2018 Natalia Larrimer, ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board
3/28/2018 G+D Mobile Security
4/12/2018 Baxter Healthcare Corporation
4/13/2018 Juniper Networks
4/14/2018 AgeLight Advisory Group
4/17/2018 XMPP Standards Foundation, Communications Team
4/17/2018 David Witkowski, Members of the GCTC Wireless SuperCluster
4/17/2018 Lan Jenson, Member of the GCTC Wireless SuperCluster
4/17/2018 Adnan Baykal, Member of the GCTC Wireless SuperCluster
4/17/2018 Ruwan Welaratna, Member of the GCTC Wireless SuperCluster
4/17/2018 GuardKnox
4/17/2018 Kaiser Permanente
4/17/2018 Coalition for Cybersecurity Policy & Law
4/18/2018 American Petroleum Institute
4/18/2018 Industrial Internet Consortium’s Security Working Group
4/18/2018 U.S. Chamber of Commerce
4/18/2018 Microsoft
4/18/2018 ITI
4/18/2018 IDmachines
4/18/2018 Waterfall Security Solutions
4/18/2018 CTIA (narrative) and (table)
4/18/2018 Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
4/18/2018 Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF)
4/18/2018 ISACA
4/18/2018 M. Arif Dhanidina
4/19/2018 (Comment 1) (Comment 2)
4/24/2018 Intel


Created February 8, 2018, Updated April 25, 2018