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SmartAmerica Project Timeline

SmartAmerica Project Plan (Example)

Please note that this project plan is presented only as an example to assist the participants in SmartAmerica Challenge. Participants are not bound by this project plan. However, we encourage the participants to establish their own milestones including functional specification, test plan, documentation of the demonstration scenarios and test results. Each participant/team may have their own project plan to address their unique requirements, but we encourage teams to design milestones that can be completed by the end of April 2014

SmartAmerica Project Plan (Example)
Due Description
1 Project kick-off 12/16/13
2 Functional specification 1/15/13 Should include data exchange model, communication protocol, application scenario, data format, description of testbeds
3 QA/Test plan 1/15/13 Test plan for unit test and system level test
4 Project plan 1/15/13 Timeline and description of milestones
5 Tool setup and preparation 1/15/13 Toolsets identified, agreed and installed
6 Development and implementation of functions on each test bed
Details to be defined in each project
7 Integration of multiple test beds and preliminary bug fixes
Details to be defined in each project
8 Alpha release 2/28/13 All functions (both unit level and system level) implemented
9 Unit level/System level QA
Details to be defined in each project
10 Beta release 3/31/13 All functions implemented, no P0 (blocking) bug
11 System level QA/validation
Details to be defined in each project
12 Documentation of the demonstration scenarios and test results 4/30/13
13 Final release/demonstration 4/30/13 All functions verified and bugs fixed
Created November 22, 2013, Updated March 7, 2014